My Photo Album
These are some balloon column creations.  I have the instructions for the Roman Column which is similar to
the first image with just a 16" Round Balloon on top.  There are many variations of balloon columns.  
Google "Balloon Columns" and you will see what others have done
This is another way to decorate with balloons using a Rouse plastic frame
and inserting balloons in to the frame.I have (2) 24" heart frams and (1) 48"
heart frame and I believe I still have (2) spiral frames [maybe more] that
make a balloon spiral that hangs from the ceiling or on the wall.  I used them
in my Niece's wedding 4 years ago.
The Butterfly is actually (3) heart
frames used together with pipe
cleaners at the top for the antennae.
I could try to make candy cane columns but it's much easier to just get a candy cane
balloon frame.  
Here's a link to the Rouse Balloon frame web site